Sunday 10 April 2016

OMMADON LP has been unleashed

OMMADON Self-Titled LP is available from:

OMMADON is available for PWYW download on BANDCAMP.

Ommadon is self-titled because this is what we set out to be from the beginning. This is not entertainment. This is not easy listening. Ommadon is pure and primitive heaviness. Ommadon is the outcast, the fallen angel, the darkness. Ommadon is the darkness which we are told to fear, to avert our eyes and cower from, to candy coat the suffering, the decay, and the death which give life meaning. Ommadon is the intolerable agony, the paralysing misery, and the stifling alienation, which make us who we are. 

Ommadon does not submit to the simplification of the horror and the beauty of existence into a world of positivity and negativity where we feel nothing but simulations of what happiness could be like or terror that sadness may disrupt our mass stupor. Ommadon embraces the dark, not as a manufactured rebellion or infantile inversion of stories of good and evil to which we must submit ourselves. Ommadon allows us to reinvent ourselves by destroying what we believe we hold dear but which only slows our steps. Ommadon is for those who know that in fearing death, one fears life, sleepwalking through life, waiting to die. 

Ommadon is for those who know that only in facing and loving death can you live freely. Ommadon is the world and the world is Ommadon.




"Events slowly unfold, occupying a compelling middle ground between the hypnotic amplifier worship of Sunn O))) and the barely moving leaden doom of Monarch! Riffs emerge from the gloom, shifting forms accented by gut-punching drums...When they finally lurch into a planet-shifting doom assault after what seems like an eternity of creeping dread, the effect is devastating"


"They are masters at turning a long, slow song into something which transports your mind into a deep, dark hole. And just like walking in total darkness, you see things that aren’t really there. Or at least you don’t think they are. Either way, the experience is unnerving. But totally worth it." 


"While other heavy bands can talk the talk when they say that their music is heavy but not follow it up, Ommadon really do walk the walk and only need to let their music do its far from insignificant talking. There is a sense of negativity and sheer nothingness that just can't be faked contained on this album and it sounds all the better for it. Turn on, tune in and let the harshness of Ommadon consume you, this is the sound of musical evil incarnate and for those that can handle it, enjoy the ride."