Tuesday 1 July 2014

Ommadon V

OMMADON V is nearly here.

V continues our quest to achieve sonic annihilation of the self in our perpetual quest for heaviness. The drone-doom on V is an all encompassing wall of raw sound which creates a truly unsettling and downright claustrophobic atmosphere to obliterate your mind.

V was played and recorded all live by OMMADON on the Hill of Maud in the Highlands over the winter of 2012/13. It was mastered by Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Sleep, High on Fire).

V will be released on 180g double gatefold vinyl, limited to 300 copies, by three of the globe's best underground labels. This is a co-release between Burning World Records in the Netherlands, Dry Cough Records in the UK, and Domestic Genocide Records in the US.

V will be available to pre-order from 14 July 2014 when we will also stream the first side of this beast.

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