Monday 4 August 2014


Ommadon continue their quest to achieve sonic annihilation of the self in their perpetual quest for heaviness with V. V is available now on 180 gram double gatefold vinyl, limited to 300 copies, from Burning World Records / RoadburnRecords in The Netherlands, Dry Cough Records in the UK, and Domestic Genocide Records in the USA.

V was played and recorded entirely live by Ommadon on the Hill of Maud in the Scottish Highlands over the winter of 2012/13. It was mastered by Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Sleep, High on Fire). Listen to V here.

V is now available to buy now from:

“You can bet your favourite Sunn O))) picture disc on this thing sounding heavier than a dying planet.     Terrorizer

“I love this album because it’s so preposterously barbaric and for such an extended period of time and it’s beyond excessive. It’s an absolute endurance test, and by the end of it I was not the same as I’d come into it. There aren't a lot of albums you can say that about.”     Sludgelord

Ommadon categorically prove that it is still possible to make compelling music within the field of drone-doom, an area that I personally had considered long since mined dry.”    The Sleeping Shaman

"Ommadon's V has more in common with the harsh, acidic fuzz of Conan, and Earth's early work, but much, much more abrasive" Blog of Putrefaction

"Listening to the two 45-minute tracks on V is like trying to imagine your own burial under the Himalayas"     Echoes and Dust

We cannot thank Andrew, Jurgen, and Trevor enough for putting the beast on wax.

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